I’m going to start posting on different themes of life here.

This one will be about water. Peace Corps gave us a filter, they recommend putting three drops of bleach in each water bottle after filling it with filtered water. 

water filter

 To fill it I walk across the compound, go into another hut, and pour water in from this small cistern.

My source of drinking water.

I’m not sure where they fill this from, we have a faucet with a meter in our compound (it was installed after I moved in) but I’m not sure how salty that water is so they either fill it from there or a well that is not salty.

Here’s a picture of my shower and it’s accessories.

My shower bucket and bathing mug. The kettle I use to flush the toilet which is across from the shower.

I forgot to take a photo of the faucet and giant cistern I pull water from to fill my bathing bucket and washing basin for underwear laundry. I’ll include them on the next post.

Work stuff:

Another compost!

Jean-Claude wanted a picture with his horse after.

Hut improvement project: tiling my floor

More composting!


My stove and water bowler on my tiled floor.

Mbam can't get enough compost.

Last but not least, COMPOST!!!

Random stories:
One night sitting with all my neighbors, a drunk guy stumbled out of the bar and asked me to buy a monkey he caught for the equivalent of ten U.S. dollars. My host brother asked for a discount if he wanted to buy it but the guy told him not to interrupt our negotiations. I wasn’t going to buy it but I wanted to see it so he offered to bring it to the house the next day but I was leaving the village the next morning. When I got back I asked where the guy the lived so I could see the monkey but my neighbors told me not to go because then he’ll think I want to buy the monkey besides a compound mine has a pet monkey. So I went to check that one out, the poor thing is tied to a tree and bothered by children but I feed him sometimes. I’ll show a pic of him next time.
People were worried because it wasn’t raining and crops were dying so they had a traditional rain meeting. I randomly wandered over because loud drums were playing. People would come up and stab metal spears in the ground and say prayers and when they finished the drums would start again. After some one said something especially powerful people would shout and call in agreement. One guy not that far behind me pulled out a gun and shot it in the air, we all turned around shocked. He was asked subtley not to do that again and I asked around later why he did that, they said jokingly to make a loud noise so God hears us. Not sure how this meeting weighed in on the matter but it started raining regularly a couple days later.

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